South Bay Families Connected Supporters

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors for their dedication to the health and wellness of our South Bay youth. Donations to the SBFC not-for-profit (under the fiduciary sponsorship of the MBX 501(c)3 support the project's parent education events, teen workshops, event calendar, social media outreach, the SBFC e-newsletter, and SBFC teen and parent blog production, ensuring that they are provided free of charge and are accessible to all families in the South Bay.

2017-2018 SBFC Sponsors



PARTNER SPONSORS ($5,000 -$10,000)

Ellen and Mike

ASSOCIATE SPONSORS ($1,000 - $2,000)


FAMILY SPONSORS ($20 - $999)

  • Joan Stein Jenkins, Esq.

  • Sandi Gleason

  • Ann Kuhns

  • Christine Norvell

  • Lisa Taub

  • Tim and Kate Bergin

  • Joanna Padilla

Education Partner

SBFC and Beach Cities Health District have partnered to produce the Families Connected Speaker Series, Parent Advisory Committee, and the Parent Chat, a weekly parent support group. BCHD's partnership and in-kind promotional support since June 2016 is invaluable. 

LSM Communications, LLC, originated the Families Connected concept and strategy in February 2015 and launched the website in August 2015. LSM continues to privately fund the project's, research, curation, ongoing website management and updates. graphic design, photography, school outreach, quality assurance, and video production.  But the critical components of the project provided to the South Bay community that are listed at the top of this page would not be possible without the SBFC not-for-profit Board and SBFC sponsors. 


Please consider making a tax deductible donation to SBFC today.

Our not-for-profit status is provided under the umbrella of the MBX 501c.

If you have any inquiries about becoming a monetary or in-kind sponsor, please contact us using the form below:

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